BC Wineries – Great Local Wine

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Blasted Church Vineyards 378 Parsons Road
Okanagan Falls
Britsh Columbia, Canada
Burrowing Owl Estate Winery 100 Burrowing Owl Lane at Black Sage Road
Britsh Columbia, Canada
Summerhill Pyramid Winery 4870 Chute Lake Road
Britsh Columbia, Canada
1 (800)667-3538
Red Rooster Winery 891 Naramata Rd.
Britsh Columbia, Canada
Stonehill Estate Winery 170 Upper Bench Road South
Britsh Columbia, Canada
Inniskillin Okanagan Vineyards Winery Road 11 West
Britsh Columbia, Canada

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Vancouver Sommelier

A Year in Wine Vancouver Magazine

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Sebastien Le Goff CinCin Ristorante & Bar 2006 Sommelier of the Year
Colette Barabé   604-708-5100

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Vancouver Chefs Wear – Chefs Clothing Vancouver

Blackwood Apparel – 604-872-5088
1428 Charles Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 2S8
COMPLETE CAREER APPAREL + ESSENTIALS Including Chef Wear • Local Manufacturing

Chef Wear Designs – 604-255-7477
1055 CLARK DR, Vancouver, BC V5L 3K1
Category : Kitchen Accessories

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Vancouver Food Stylists – Food Styling

Pinces Photography

Vancouver Food Styling Andre Pinces’ rich photo images reveal an elegant style which spans fashion, portraiture and contemporary art. His imagery has been featured in leading magazines such as Surface, Vice, US Weekly and aRude. Pinces has worked with American artists Christopher Makos and Richard Bernstein, and has exhibited in galleries in New York, Montreal and Vancouver. His cinematic vision comes from a continually developing approach to photography as well as from his forays into music video and filmmaking.

TEL 604.605.0709 | info@pincesphoto.com | www.pincesphoto.com

studio 107, 321 – Railway Street
Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 1A4

Jackie Connelly Photography

Jackie Connelly Photography With a focus on organic food & product, Jackie Connelly Photography helps you grow your business.
Jackie Connelly Photography believes in the importance of health and wellness in a balanced life, and the benefits of a natural, wholesome diet. Our aim is to nourish relationships with businesses that grow, promote, or sell natural and organic food and product, and help them to receive the attention they deserve. Through a foundation built of strong customer relationships and service, along with community participation, we work towards the common goal of promoting the power of healthy eating.

TEL 604.764.8066 | info@jackieconnelly.com | www.jackieconnelly.com

Food Styling Vancouver

Lure Images

TEL 778.863.1995 | info@lureimage.com | www.lureimage.com

Eyecompose Photography

TEL 778.231.7364| rebecca@eyecompose.com | www.eyecompose.com

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Wedding Cakes – Vancouver British Columbia

Marco Ropke Patisserie

Marco Robke Pattiserie

Fine hand crafted European Pastries with an Asian Twist.
With over twenty years experience in the Pastry fields and after traveling the globe and working as Executive Pastry & Bakery Chef in leading Hotels such as the Four Seasons Hotels in Vancouver & Toronto, The Peninsula Hotel Beijing, The Hilton Hotels in Osaka & Otaru in Japan, Hilton Hotels in Taipei, Shanghai, Dalian & Chongqing in China and various other Hotels and Pastry Shops in Germany, France, Scotland at Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, I’m finally settled in Richmond BC to provide teaching, consulting and fine pastries and chocolates to any connoisseur of fine european pastries.

marco@marcoropke.com | www.marcoropke.com

Jennifer Mayers Cakes

Wedding Cakes Vancouver - Jennifer MeyersJennifer Mayers Cakes

Beautifully designed cakes, for any special occasion. Jennifer Mayers is the Pastry chef for the award winning Bistro Pastis, in Vancouver British Columbia.

Ph: 604-230-3405

Location: Vancouver, Lower Mainland.

Free Listing
Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie 604-924-1847
Nibble Cakes 604-734-3964
Sweet Retreat Cakes 604-825-3158
Ganache Patisserie 604.899.1098
Sweet Obsession Cakes & Pastry Ltd 604 739 0555
Cakes by Meg 604-762-2471
Cake Eaters 604-689-9490
Cause for Celebration 604-721-4005

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Vancouver Corporate Catering – Events

Free Listing
Caterer in Vancouver, BC – Savoury Chef Foods Catering 604-357-7118
Epicurious Catering 778-889-5669
Culinary Capers 604-875-0123
The Butler Did It Catering 604-739-3663
Pan o Pan Catering 604-879-9146
Tommy’s Catering 604-988-0053
Four Willows Catering 604 742 9884
Major the Gourmet 604-322-9211
Out to Lunch Catering (604) 681-7177
Potluck Catering (604) 609-7368
Encore Catering 604-729-2582
Emelle’s Catering 604-875-6551
The Bizzy Butler 604-466-9008

Vancouver Caterer

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Select a Cooking School – Culinary Schools in Vancouver

Northwest Culinary Academy

Culinary School VancouverThe Northwest Academy is a progressive and unique chef training school built, owned, and operated by its dedicated chef instructors.

Address:2725 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E9

Art Institute Of Vancouver – 604-683-9200
700-1090 Georgia Street West, Vancouver, BC V6E 3V7

CookShop – 604-873-5683
555 W 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3X7

Creative Culinary Services Inc – 604-420-2433

Pacific Institute Of Culinary Arts – 604-734-4488
Fax : 604-734-4408, Toll Free : 1-800-416-4040
1505 2nd Avenue West, Vancouver, BC V6H 3Y4

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Hire a Personal Chef – Personal Chef Vancouver

Savoury Chef Foods – Caterers For Vancouver

Vancouver Personal Chef
Wouldn’t you want to enjoy the convenience of take-away meals, and savour the tastes of a gourmet restaurant meal in the very comforts of your own home? How about an amazing dinner party, where all you have to do is worry about inviting your guest!

Introducing Savoury Chef Foods – Caterers for Vancouver, BC . Your dinning dilemma has been solved! The Savoury Chef will prepare a customized menu tailored to your specific preferences.

Ph: (604) 357-7118 | info@savourychef.com | www.savourychef.com

Free Listing
The Urban Chef 604-603-0334
Casa Aroma 778-891-7227
All Around Personal Chef Services 604-240-2323
Chef Chez Vous 604-724-6996
Savoury Chef Foods
Cooking Journeys 778-865-0144
Your Secret Chef 604-329-7240
Chef en Site 604 649 2882
Chef Chop Chop 604-602-3093
Culinary Escape 778-885-5025
Culinary Choreography 778.997.8057

Vancouver Caterer

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Whistler Personal Chefs

List of Whistler Personal Chefs

Free Listing
Kaytering Whistler 604-932-3262
Whistler Cooks 604-938-8835

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Sunshine Coast Personal Chefs

List of Sunshine Coast Personal Chefs

Free Listing
Cooking with Pete 604-886-2930
Boat Chef 604-313-1845

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