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Pinces Photography

Vancouver Food Styling Andre Pinces’ rich photo images reveal an elegant style which spans fashion, portraiture and contemporary art. His imagery has been featured in leading magazines such as Surface, Vice, US Weekly and aRude. Pinces has worked with American artists Christopher Makos and Richard Bernstein, and has exhibited in galleries in New York, Montreal and Vancouver. His cinematic vision comes from a continually developing approach to photography as well as from his forays into music video and filmmaking.

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studio 107, 321 – Railway Street
Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 1A4

Jackie Connelly Photography

Jackie Connelly Photography With a focus on organic food & product, Jackie Connelly Photography helps you grow your business.
Jackie Connelly Photography believes in the importance of health and wellness in a balanced life, and the benefits of a natural, wholesome diet. Our aim is to nourish relationships with businesses that grow, promote, or sell natural and organic food and product, and help them to receive the attention they deserve. Through a foundation built of strong customer relationships and service, along with community participation, we work towards the common goal of promoting the power of healthy eating.

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Food Styling Vancouver

Lure Images

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Eyecompose Photography

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